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every year i seem to make the same resolution, floss my teeth regularly, only to break it within the first month. it has become my perpetual resolution. this year i’m changing things up a bit. while i haven’t conquored flossing, i have decided to focus on other things, like food! no, this isn’t going to […]



a little sampling of the last few weeks while we were snowbound.

baked eggs


i had rowing last night and woke up starving this morning. at first i was just going to make something simple like poached eggs on toast, but then i remembered we’re out of bread and i certainly wasn’t going to go to the store before eating. that was just out of the question. we’ve been […]

banana muffins


i set out to make these muffins and realized that my bananas were too small. they were appropriately brown and mushy, but there just wasn’t enough of them to fulfil the requirements. i had already mixed the dry ingredients together and didn’t want to just throw them out, so i started to think what i […]

cream of wheat with milk and raspberries from the farmers’ market

lately breakfast is either scrambled eggs with cheese or grape nuts mixed with yogurt, and they both are quite delicious, but sometimes you crave something different. last sunday was one of those days. i lightly toasted some bread while i fried two eggs, one for each of us. when the toast and eggs were done […]