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yesterday i sowed my second batch of seeds. the spinach and chard were put into containers instead of the ground. it’s too much work to get the ground ready. plus it is still quite muddy. the poppies were the easiest to sow. just mix with a cup of soil and sprinkle! while i was out […]



do you see this cute kitty? the one burrowing in our bedding? i took her to the vet today because i found white worms coming out of her hind end. time to wash the sheets! shudder…shudder…shudder…

kitty boxing


they are sisters and they love to wrestle. our favorite is when they box.

afternoon snack


i spent this morning sewing and listening to podcasts. the cats like to help me with my sewing. i’m working on making a curtain and the bed is the only surface big enough to lay out the fabric. the kitties thought it was very entertaining. after i had worked up an appetite sewing i decided […]