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last spring i read Julie and Julia and have wanted to get Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking ever since. i’m certainly not going to make all of the recipes in it, but i know i’ll be dabbling in the sauces section. yesterday we went to goodwill to see if there were any […]



february is soup month at thekitchn and after reading a couple of their posts this morning i was inspired to make soup for lunch. actually i’ve been making soup pretty consistently for the last month or so for lunch, but today i decided to try something different. i was planning on making cream of broccoli, […]



a little sampling of the last few weeks while we were snowbound.

join a csa!


we recently joined the groundwork organics csa (community supported agriculture) program for fall/winter and it has been fantastic! this is what we got in our first box. every saturday we go to their booth at the farmers’ market and pick up a bin of fresh produce. the selection changes each week which makes cooking fun. […]

banana muffins


i set out to make these muffins and realized that my bananas were too small. they were appropriately brown and mushy, but there just wasn’t enough of them to fulfil the requirements. i had already mixed the dry ingredients together and didn’t want to just throw them out, so i started to think what i […]

we have just begun the adventure of looking into buying a house. yesterday morning we did our first walk through of a prospective property. turns out it has a cracked foundation. we could see daylight through it. such a rollercoaster! before we went in we were excited about the neighborhood and getting out of our […]

half brewed lipton black tea, half organic lemonade