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well, last night i made Jamie Oliver’s Roasted Carrots and Beets with the Juiciest Pork Chops from Jamie At Home. my favorite part was the roasted veggies. the pork was ok, but not like i thought it would be. instead of posting the whole recipe, i’m only going to talk about the veggies, since they […]

we have just begun the adventure of looking into buying a house. yesterday morning we did our first walk through of a prospective property. turns out it has a cracked foundation. we could see daylight through it. such a rollercoaster! before we went in we were excited about the neighborhood and getting out of our […]

look what just arrived at my doorstep! i have been drooling over these beans ever since i first saw them mentioned on i love the idea of helping continue the lines of these lesser produced beans, supporting an independant business, and getting fresher beans, plus i love their graphic design! those labels will make […]

zucchini salad


last saturday morning i was watching jamie oliver’s show, jamie at home, and got really inspired. well, actually i always get inspired when i watch his show. it’s my favorite cooking show and it always makes me long to have a garden. basically the show is him in his garden out in the country digging […]

enjoying a strawberry lemon balsamic cocktail last night we went to the first night of the rooftop dinner series presented by gilt club. it was fantastic! fresh corn, mache, avocado, and shitake salad i made corn salad a lot, but i use frozen corn. my husband took a bite of this salad and said ‘wow, […]

photo from i ran across this wonderful section on epicurious last night and have been drooling over it ever since. each week they post a three course meal menu for each day of the week with beverage pairings. it is seasonal, so right now they’re focused on grilling and salads. these spring rolls caught […]

fava beans


i bought these last saturday at the farmers’ market. these are part of my effort to try new food. the pods are big and not very attractive looking, but i went for it anyway. when i got home and looked up fava beans i discovered that they take a lot of work. first you have […]