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i LOVE this fabric! it has a nice weight and feel to it. the shiny side is so soft and feels really good against your bare shoulders. i really love how the dots catch the light. it is a great contrast against the matte surface of the fabric. you can find it here! Advertisements

the capelet


here’s a silk capelet i made last week: it is made with ivory hammered silk. i had a lot of fun making it. i did a narrow rolled hem on the tulle trim before i pleated it all by hand. i made the binding myself and i made the thread loop on the closure. most […]

a new listing!


i have been working on some new hair pins for my etsy shop. normally i work a lot with feathers, but i have been wanting to try something different. i like this one because it is soft and modern. what do you think? it is made of ivory hammered silk. because the fabric is textured […]

i got up early on tuesday and strung these hearts up as a surprise for my husband. i ordered the paper hearts from jane says on etsy and then sewed them together using leftover thread from our wedding invitations. this owl paper sculpture is what i got him for a gift. i thought it was […]

so far all of my posts have centered around cooking, which isn’t a bad thing, but i don’t necessarily want this to be strictly a cooking blog. i love to cook and enjoy sharing my cooking with others, but there’s more to me than just cooking, which leads us to this post… i have an […]