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and last but not least, fall must be right around the corner because look what i found!! sorry i haven’t posted in a few days. my birthday was last week and i ended up taking a sort of mental vacation from my usual life. Advertisements

cream of wheat with milk and raspberries from the farmers’ market



i have been trying to try new things i see at the farmers’ market. one of the best discoveries i have made so far has been rabe. so far we have tried kale rabe, brussels sprout rabe, and broccoli rabe. i read a few recipes on to see how to prepare it and learned […]

last night i did the first part of this week’s cure assignment, roasting a chicken. last saturday vincent and i were at the farmer’s market and purchased a chicken from Deck Family Farm. for the last couple of weeks we have been enjoying their amazing eggs. the yolks are so bright! so different from the […]