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well, last night i made Jamie Oliver’s Roasted Carrots and Beets with the Juiciest Pork Chops from Jamie At Home. my favorite part was the roasted veggies. the pork was ok, but not like i thought it would be. instead of posting the whole recipe, i’m only going to talk about the veggies, since they […]

zucchini salad


last saturday morning i was watching jamie oliver’s show, jamie at home, and got really inspired. well, actually i always get inspired when i watch his show. it’s my favorite cooking show and it always makes me long to have a garden. basically the show is him in his garden out in the country digging […]

(from bluelines) in less than two weeks my husband and i will celebrate our first wedding anniversary! it has been a wonderful year which has gone by so quickly. with this milestone fast approaching i’ve been thinking about anniversary gifts. the first anniversary gift is supposed to be made of paper, if you want to […]