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one of my favorite people, anna joyce, was featured on housemartin today and i had to share! go here to read the post. congrats anna! Advertisements

my friend anna and i had been planning on going to target together to share in the orla kiely experience. yesterday i  was  complaining about how i couldn’t get any info from target, so naturally she called, asked for housewares, and called me back to say that 1. they knew what she was talking about, […]

when we looked at this house the landlady assured us that, despite the steep driveway and surrounding streets, we didn’t need to worry about the winter because it never really gets that cold in portland. that was about a month and a half ago. here’s what it has looked like for the past five days: […]

we’ve moved!


we moved last saturday and are now surrounded by boxes, ugh. despite the boxes we are very happy to be in our new house! i’ve done a little cooking, but nothing really to write home about, if you know what i mean. i’m really excited to try cooking with our new outdoor fireplace/grill. it’s hard […]

our loft


we are still reeling from the election. i feel like dancing in the streets i am so happy! anyway, last week i took some photos of our loft. we just found out that we’re moving, so i wanted to document this space before it became a wreck due to the packing and moving process.

modern economy


last saturday a friend and i went to the modern economy sample sale at the ace hotel. at first i was overwhelmed by the amount of design-y goodness, but managed to come away with some nice things, mainly presents for others, that i am quite happy with! after our shopping event we decided to go […]